Socket Shelf - The Innovatively Designed Mini-Shelf That Allows You to Add More Storage Space Around Your Home

Do you feel like you do not have enough storage space at home and you want to maximize every available space for some form of storage? Socket Shelf™ will definitely be able to help you achieve just that. It is a specially designed mini-shelf that will utilize the electrical outlets around your home. To use, simply unscrew your outlet cover, attach the Socket Shelf and reattach the cover in order to secure the SocketShelf in place. You now have a shelf where you can easily put different types of items on. You can use it as a stand for your mobile phone while your charge it on the socket. It can also be used as an area where you can plays your home or car keys on so that you will be easily able to see it when you need it. Also, it can be a great area to place cosmetic items, hair care products and tools and many more. With a Socket Shelf on every outlet around your home, you now have a lot more storage space than you ever had before. The easy installation also makes the Socket Shelf a no-brainer addition to your home that you will surely appreciate.

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