SodaBoss - Create Your Own Delicious Soda or Sparkling Drink at Home with this Product

Sodas and similar drinks are truly enjoyable to consume, but the problem is that off the shelf soda can contain high levels of calories and other preservatives that can make the drink very unhealthy. If you are looking for a much healthier alternative to soda then the SodaBoss™ will help you achieve your goal. What's great about the SodaBoss is that it can turn filtered or even tap water into a fun drink. All you need to do is fill the Soda Boss bottle with water, insert the bottle into the SodaBoss and simply just twist the knob; the SodaBoss will then add fizz to the water, making it that much more enjoyable and refreshing to drink. Also, with buying a SodaBoss, you also get to lemon lime and cola mixes, allowing you to create your own delicious soda. What's great about the SodaBoss is that you can create delicious and fun drinks without the need to add excessive amounts of sugar or preservatives to the drink, making them that much healthier. With the SodaBoss, you should be able to prepare drinks that are great for your children as well as for friends and family who may visit you in your home as well.

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