Sonic Peeler - The Automatic Electric Peeler That Will Make Peeling A Breeze, As Seen On TV!

It is an unfortunate fact that some of the best recipes and healthiest foods require tedious peeling. The Sonic Peeler™ was invented to take the bore and hassle out of peeling, allowing you to save time and effort by doing the best peeling jobs for you. Not only will the Sonic Peeler make peeling faster, more comfortable and more efficient, it will also help you do a better job of it! This automatic electronic peeler will do the job of moving the blade at 4000rpm so that you don't have to make your hands sore peeling those tough potatoes or cucumbers. All you have to do is glide the blade along the surface of the vegetable or fruit. Whether it's tough peeling jobs like those potatoes, or delicate peeling jobs like tomatoes, the Sonic Peeler will do it perfect every time. In fact, the Sonic Peeler works so well, you will never again maul a tomato while trying to peel it. There is even the added bonus of a julienne blade, which will allow you to make delicious shoestring slices for all your favorite recipes or garnishes. And you can even go beyond peeling, using the sonic peeler to flake parmesan or other hard cheeses, as well as use the julienne blade for shaving chocolate or other confections. As seen on TV, this amazing device is a great addition to any kitchen, and is affordable and available to you today! Get the Sonic Peeler now, and learn how to peel like a professional.

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