Sparkleez - The Play Set That Your Child Can Customize with Sparkling Colors

Do you love to give your child toys and you are looking for a set that your child can not only play with, but can use to get creative too? The Sparkleez™ is the perfect play set for your child then. The Sparkleez Twinkle Town Set comes with cute characters that your child will most likely love, along with a Tree that they can use as a play stand. The Sparkleez in their base form look just like regular, chromed out figures, but the Sparkleez kit come with Color Wands that your child can easily use to add color and different designs to the Sparkleez figures. Once your child is done colouring up the Sparkleez, your child will surely appreciate the unique, metallic sheen that the Sparkleez figures can give off, making them a truly feast for the eyes once they are finished. What's makes the Sparkleez even better is that along with the Color Wands, the kit also comes with an eraser wand that will allow your child to remove all existing colours on the Sparkleez figures to colour them again; with a different combination of colors if your child wishes. With the Sparkleez kit, your child will surely have a lot of fun and will get to expand his or her creativity thanks to the colour and erase options that the kit offers. Also, the metallic sheen that the Sparkleez give off when coloured makes them a great looking decoration for your child's room as well.

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