Speed Out - The Best Screw Extractor Set to Remove Damaged and Hard to Loosen Screws

Mechanics, carpenters and many people who are working with tools, machines and screws are very much familiar with how much of a hassle a stripped screw can give. If you do not want to go the traditional route of hammering or drilling out stripped screws and want an easier, more convenient and safer method, then the Speed Out™ is the screw extractor set for you. When you have a stripped and damaged screw that seems impossible to pull out, the Speed Out is the solution. All you need is a drill to attach the appropriately sized Speed Out piece. First, use the Speed Out's patented cutting end to drill into the damaged area. The specialized cutting end makes a cone shaped hole that is perfect for the next step in the process. After a hole is made, flip the Speed Out piece onto the extracting end, attach onto the drill, and watch as the screw is easily removed with very little hassle. In fact, the Speed Out is a very effective damaged screw or bolt remover that it can remove a damaged screw within 10 seconds or less! The Speed Out is made of hardened steel, so it is guaranteed to last long. As seen on www.buyspeedout.com, this is the perfect tool to store in your garage or workshop.

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