Spin Balls - The Glowing Poi Balls that Will Add More Flair to Your Spinning

Do you have fun spinning balls for show or do you take ball spinning seriously and engage in the art of poi? You can make your performances look even more amazing by using Spin Balls™ as your spinning item of choice. Unlike the usual balls used for poi which are just boring round pieces and easily break; Spin Balls feature what is called Soft-Core technology on the shell. This makes these balls a whole lot more durable, and can withstand the occasional hits without falling apart. Aside from this sturdy construction, Spin Balls also feature a glow function to make performances look even more dazzling. These Spin Balls glow in the entire spectrum of the rainbow, giving you a multitude of colors to choose from. You can also adjust each light to three different modes: a solid light mode which keeps the balls on in a single color, a cycle mode that shifts to various colors as well as a strobe function that constantly flashes at a fast rate. The various color options and light actions add more layers to your performances and make them look complicated and unique than they already are. So if you and your friends enjoy poi and you want your routines to stand out from the rest, then these Spin Balls are the perfect accessory for you.

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