Splash Bag - The Water Resistant Bag That Will Waterproof Your Tablet or Cellphone

Do you love to bring your expensive gadgets like your tablet outdoors but you are worried about the potential damage that can happen to your gadget? Getting your gadget wet is one sure way to render it useless, but with the Splash Bag™, you can enjoy your gadget without worrying about getting it splashed on. The Splash Bag comes in various sizes and can fit virtually any tablet or cellphone available on the market today. Each Splash Bag features a triple seal opening that will not only waterproof your gadget, but can also protect it from other elements like the wind and dust. What's great about this water resistant bag is that despite its covering, you can still use the touch screen of your gadget thanks to its durable polyethylene construction. This allows you to use your gadgets for watching movies, listening to music or surfing the internet even if you are beside the pool or at the beach. The Splash Bag also comes with a fully adjustable neck or shoulder lanyard so that you can keep your gadget protected and easy to carry even when you are on the go. The SplashBag also features a headphone pass through audio jack that will allow you to listen to music while still keeping your gadget water proof. The Splash Bag is a great accessory for gadget lovers who love to go outdoors.

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