Sport Aquarium - Combine the Beauty of Fish and the Action of Sports in A Sporty Aquarium!

Are you into sports and want to have decorations that share your passion for them? If you want to infuse a dose of sportiness into your decorations then the Sport Aquarium™ is perfect for you! Gone are the days when aquariums are just plain clear bowls that can look boring and cliche. Having a Sport Aquarium in your living room, bedroom, or TV room will definitely give that sporty vibe that you want from your decorations. The Aquarium itself stands out from the rest of those aquariums you see in the supermarket. The Sport Aquarium has 3 different designs inspired by popular sports, namely basketball, baseball, and football. The basketball aquarium is designed to look like a real basketball, with one side complete with a leather-like finish and signature basketball seams. The other is a football helmet aquarium complete with a face mask. The baseball inspired aquarium has a baseball cap design that looks great; you just might actually want to wear it! The aquariums are made of durable, scratch and chip resistant plastic that is easy to clean and very clear to give you a great view of your fish inside. You also get to receive 3 sport-themed figurines that are hand painted to help give even more of a sporty vibe to your aquarium. The Sport Aquarium will make a great gift for your sports-loving friends and loved ones of all ages.

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