Spotless Paw - Grooming Glove Keeps the Paws of Your Pet Dog or Cat Clean (Along with Your Floors)

Spotless Paw™ is a dog paw grooming glove that is perfect if your pet tends to enter the house with wet, dirty paws. Is your dog a digger? They need Spotless Paw, and you do too. With this amazing six-fingered glove you can thoroughly clean and dry each of your dog's paws in a nanosecond. Spotless Paw is made of soft, super-absorbent cloth manufactured with best quality microfiber. The six fingers make it easy to use the glove with either one's left or right hand. Both sides of the glove can be used to render your pet's paws spotless. The Spotless Paw glove also comes with a handy loop. It can be hung on one's doorknob or attached to one's belt loop. Keep an extra Spotless Paw in the glove compartment of one's car so that when you take your dog for a ride, you can clean him up with Spotless Paw so he doesn't dirty up the car interior. This glove can be used many times over before it needs to be washed. Who wouldn't want to have Spotless Paw, affording one to clean one's pet paws without having to use any water? Everything dries up quickly and one's hands are protected, too. With Spotless Paw one can also remove loose dog hairs and reduce a dog's shedding. It works on all sizes of dogs, and the glove is machine washable and dryable too. Plus, the interiors of one's house and car are simply spotless.

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