Spray Around - Make the Most Sprays Out of Each and Every Bottle

Cleaning fluid, air fresheners and other similar liquids in spray bottles make it a lot easier to clean and beautify your home, but as you continue to use and spray these products, you will notice that there is always a certain amount of liquid left behind that the sprayer just cannot spray which can be a waste in the long run. With the Spray Around™ however, you can maximize the use of spray liquids down to the last drop. As seen on www.getsprayaround.com, the Spray Around can achieve this thanks to its flexible dip tube. It is unique compared to traditional sprayer dip tubes as it is extremely flexible and has a weighted tip. This allows the dip tube to go where the liquid goes, and you can even spray upside down. The SprayAround will fit any standard spray bottle, allowing you to maximize the use of a wide variety of cleaning liquids, detergents, air fresheners and the like available in the market today. You can even trim the flexible dip tube to fit various sized bottles. So if you want to make the most out of your spray liquids at home, and do not want to lose spraying power whenever you use them, then the Spray Around is the perfect sprayer for you.

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