Squeeze Reliever - Pressure Therapy Machine That Targets Critical Pressure Points to Give Relief from Hand Pain and Foot Pain

Are you always suffering from hand pain so that it prevents you from doing your work properly, or do you frequently experience foot pain which distracts you from enjoying travel or prevents you from going to places where you want to go? If you want to relieve yourself of this annoying and sometimes debilitating pain, then Squeeze Reliever™ is perfect for you. When we feel pain on any part of our body, our common action is to give the aching body part a squeeze using our hand, which does provide a certain level of relief. The Squeeze Reliever follows the same principle with its patented Pressure Therapy technology. All you need to do is to place your aching hand or foot on the Squeeze Reliever, and it gives you a nice and soothing squeeze that is guaranteed to relieve pain. The Squeeze Reliever stimulates various pressure points located in your hand and foot to give you a comforting and relaxing effect. You can adjust the height of the Squeeze Reliever to conform to just about any size of hands or feet. You can also fine tune the intensity and speed of the massage that the Squeeze Reliever gives, in order to give you just the right amount of comfort that you want. The Squeeze Reliever is compact, making it very easy to bring with you even on your travels.

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