Squeezy Freezy - With this Slushy Maker Kids Can Make Frozen Treats at Home Just by Squeezing

Kids (and adults) love having tasty frozen slushies, especially on a hot day. But what if you could get one right at home instead of having to make a trip to buy one at a convenience store? Now with Squeezy Freezy™ you can make these favorite slushy treats quickly and easily. What is even better is that kids will have fun making it. Here is how Squeezy Freezy works: Freeze the polar cup in your freezer, add your favorite cold drink, add the lid, wait for a few minutes and then squeeze. In just minutes your slushy will be ready for you to start sipping. This is the easiest way to make it because there is no need for ice cubes, shaking, or a blender. Get slushified with all kinds of flavors such as orange juice, lemon lime, pink lemonade. You can even mix and match your favorite flavors for a special treat. The secret is in the squishy polar chambers that use "arctic freeze technology" to get the liquid frozen. As seen on www.getsqueezyfreezy.com, the Squeezy Freezy slushy maker is BPA-free and made from non-toxic materials so it is complete save for children to use. When you are finished drinking your slushy, just rinse and re-freeze your cup to start using it all over again. Pick from 4 different cup colors: blue, green, red and yellow. Your Squeezy Freezy cup will come with an arctic dome lid, spoon straw, and fun drink guide.

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