Squeezy Pillow - This is a Comfy Pillow That Your Child Will Definitely Love

Do you find it difficult to get your little child to sleep? Give your child an enjoyable as well as comforting bedtime experience with the Squeezy Pillow™. This product is made from high quality soft and smooth materials so you are guaranteed that your child will love to hug and cuddle with this product. As seen on www.squeezypillow.com, what really sets this pillow apart from others in the market are additional features that can be found inside the pillow. First off, the Squeezy Pillow features a number of LED lights inside which lights up to different colors when your child hugs the pillow. This will surely dazzle your child and make him or her go wow. However, the Squeezy Pillow does not stop there. The product also features a built-in voice recorder. All your child needs to do is to squeeze on the corners of the pillow to activate, then talk to the Squeezy Pillow. The product records voices and then speaks it out again in a high pitched tone which will surely keep your child laughing and enjoying. The Squeezy Pillow is without a doubt one of the most fun pillows that your child can get today and will definitely come in handy during bedtime or when your child goes out to slumber parties.

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