Squishy Baff - Your Kids Will Love Having Colored Goop Baths So Much, They’ll Keep Themselves Clean

What is it with kids and getting dirty? Dirt seems to find them anywhere they go, but they never ever want to clean themselves up! Try getting them into the bath, and there's another struggle in itself. Here's a little secret to getting them to want to take a bath - Squishy Baff™. Squishy Baff turns bath water in to colored goo, to help lure your kids into the water, then when they are done playing, turns the goop back into water so that they can wash up and be clean. They're happy because they got to wallow in goo, you're happy because they had fun and are clean too. It may seem odd, but you won't believe how crazy kids are for goop. Sit through a children's game show and you will see just how big a part it plays in these things. Answer a question wrong - you get dumped with green goop. Do a challenge - you have to swim through red goo. You will have absolutely no problem getting them into the bath with Squishy Baff! It's simple as adding the powder mix into the bath and having them jiggle it into a funtastic goo. After that, simply turn it back into water with the included tube and they can finish up their bath. Squishy Baff has no preservatives, irritants, artificial fragrances or environmentally harmful components - it's completely safe for your kids and completely fun! Get some today.

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