Squishy Sand - Allow Your Child to Create Beautiful Sand Sculptures Indoors

Is your child fascinated with sand castles and other sand sculptures, but you just cannot go out to the beach as much as you want to, and if you could, your child just cannot build the stuff that he wants due to how difficult it can get to make sand sculptures? The Squishy Sand™ then would definitely be the perfect for your child. Squishy Sand is a different kind of sand that is created for your child to use when playing indoors. Unlike regular sand, SquishySand is stickier, allowing your child to easily form and mold it to shapes and designs that he or she wants to create. The great thing about Squishy Sand is that while it may be sticky with Squishy Sand, it won't stick to hands, clothing or surfaces in the house, which should allow your child to play to his or her heart's content with minimal mess. Along with the Squishy Sand material, you also get a roller, a scratch knife and a shovel to allow your child to virtually create anything that he or she can think of. A lot of parents have given reviews stating their love for Squishy Sand, as not only does it give their children a fun time without any mess, but it also allows their children to exercise and express their creativity.

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