Ssscat - Reviews say this Product Acts as an Automatic Deterrent for Your Pet, Making Training a Lot Easier

Your pet dog or cat can be really adorable to have but the fact is that these pets of yours can also be quite hyper active and curious which makes them cause damage to your property inside the house or even accidents. If you are looking for a product that will act as a deterrent for your pet then the Ssscat™ is the product that you will definitely want to use. As seen on, the Ssscat features a rather ingenious system which combines a motion detector as well as a can of air. All you need to do is to securely mount the Scat system onto an area of your home where your pet frequently goes to, yet you do not want your pet to be there. The Ssscat's lid features a motion detector and that should your pet be within 3 feet of the Ssscat and trip the motion sensor, the sprayer will be activated, blasting a whoosh of air onto your pet. Reviews love that this is a harmless as well as automated way to deter pets and that each can of the Ssscat compressed air can do up to 200 sprays, which should give you a lot of use out of the product.

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