Stable 26 - Get Extra Stability from Your Footwear for Improved Performance with this Product

Do you do a lot of sports activities, or maybe you go out for a walk or a run on frequent basis? If you feel some foot pain after doing these activities, and you are looking for a product that will help you get more support for your feet then Stable 26™ is the product to use. Stable 26 is a pair of specially designed socks which feature silicone pads that are strategically positioned on the lateral and medial area of the feet. This design offers a number of distinct advantages. First off, a user will be able to experience much better fit from his or her foot wear. As seen on, what's great about this product is that it eliminates the play caused by the space between the feet and the foot wear which is due to improper fitting. This helps to add stability while at the same time also drastically reduces foot pain and also prevents impact from travelling throughout the feet. This results in reduction of pain and discomfort from the knees and hips. With the Stable 26 as your socks, your feet will be able to perform better and that you will feel significantly less foot pain and discomfort even after hours of running or doing other sports activities.

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