Stack a Bubble - Reviews Say this Product gives your Children a Truly Fun Way to Play with Bubbles

When you were a child, playing with bubbles was quite frustrating due to the fact that when you touch the bubble, it instantly bursts. If your child today loves to play with bubbles and you are looking for a fun and unique way for your child to play with them then the Stack a Bubble™ is the product for you. Just like a regular bubble kit, the Stack a Bubble comes with a bubble solution as well as different wands that your child can use. All you need to do is to dip he wands into the solution and then blow onto the wands or have wind pass through to create a bubble. However, what sets the StackaBubble different from the rest is that it does not burst right away when touched. In fact, the bubble actually hardens well enough that you can actually stack bubbles on top of each other. As seen on, a lot of reviews from parents state that their children really love the Stack a Bubble kit as not only do the different sized wands allow their children to create different sizes of bubbles; the unique stacking capability of the Stack a Bubble actually adds a lot more fun and enjoyment to their child's playing experience with the bubbles that they create.

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