Stack Magic - Ensure that Your Folded Clothes Will Stay Neatly Stack in Your Closet

Doing the laundry and folding them up for easy stacking and storage inside your closet can be hard and time consuming work but the problem is that when you or a member of the family takes clothes from the clothing stack, the clothes can get messy and crumpled and can ruin hours' worth of folding and stacking work. This will not be a problem with the Stack Magic™. All you need to do is to fold a piece of clothing onto the StackMagic tray and then stack them on top of each other. The transparent material used in the product's construction makes it very easy for you to identify which pieces of clothing are in the stack. When you need to take out clothes from the stack, simply lift up the stacked pieces of Stack Magic that are above the piece that you want to use, take out the piece and simply put the stack back on. Not only does this make it very easy for you to take out pieces of clothing that you need to use, but this ingenious design also ensures that the clothing stack that you have made will not be ruined whenever you need to take pieces out.

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