Static Magic - Kids Love This Unique Way of Hanging and Posting Their Works of Art

It is no surprise that kids love to make their own cutouts or drawings and them stick them onto the wall or virtually anywhere in the home, and while these activates do help a lot in order for your child to develop their creativity, such activities also leave a lot of mess. If you want to let your child enjoy the fun of being to post their works of art just about anywhere they want to, then Static Magic™ is the product that you have been looking for. With this amazing kit, your child will be able to stick the Static Magic sheets on virtually any flat surface your child want to stick them on. To use, your entire child needs to be make illustrations or cutouts using the StaticMagic sheets. When your child is satisfied with the design, all your child needs to do is get the included Fun Wand, position the Static Magic sheets onto the surface and press the button on the Fun Wand and roll it over the Static Magic sheets. The fund wand sends a static electricity charge to the sheets which allows it to stick to the intended surface with ease. Reviews from parents say that they love that the Static Magic uses static electricity and not adhesive or glue in order for their child to stick their creations to walls and other surfaces. This negates the need for cleanup, and that their child can thoroughly explore the limits of their creativity.

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