Stay Case - This Product Will Allow You to Neatly and Securely Store Your Makeup and Jewelry

If you are a woman who puts a premium on your appearance then you most likely have a lot of makeup as well as jewelry pieces to enhance your look. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to store the many pieces that you have in the neatest and most safe manner then the Stay Case™ is a product that you will want to use. Simply placing your makeup or jewelry in open spaces inside your room or inside drawers and closets can still expose them to air, dirt, dust and other harmful agents that can cause the premature breakdown of makeup or can tarnish your jewelry pieces. As seen on, with the StayCase however, all you need to do is to neatly arrange the pieces that you want to store inside the Stay Case, zip it up and they are guaranteed to get better protection from the elements. Stay Case features a crushed velvet interior that will not only make sure that the pieces that you store inside the Stay Case will stay in place, but this material also has anti-tarnish treatment that will ensure that jewelries and makeup will stay fresh even after long term use. Stay Case is also quite compact so you will be able to easily bring your makeup or jewelry pieces with you wherever you go without fear of them breaking down while you are on the go.

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