Steam Buddy - Billy Mays Advocates This Hand Held Steamer as the Accessory of Choice for Well Pressed Clothing

With the Steam Buddy™ , you can easily give your clothes a pressed and presentable appearance without the inconvenience and accidents that occur with an ordinary iron. Instead, you simply hold the Steam Buddy in your hand, and release a burst of steam with the press of a button. You then experience the fastest, easiest, and safest way to remove wrinkles from all your clothing. Once you see how it compares to a manual iron, there will be no other option - you will want to be the owner of this light hand steamer, host Billy Mays says. Even clothes on the hanger can get a good press, lightning fast in just one pass with the Steam Buddy. All of these benefits make it the home accessory of choice. The Steam Buddy also refreshes and deodorizes clothing even as it makes wrinkles disappear. You save precious money you would otherwise spend on dry cleaning. By generating a controlled burst of super heated steam, with one swipe over your clothes, you can even press dresses with rhinestones, beads, and even printed material. Buttons and pockets are no trouble for the Steam Buddy, and even silks, sheers, curtains, table cloths, and sheets can be safely pressed with the Steam Buddy.

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