Steam Dome - Reviews say This Product Allows you to Make Leftovers Really Delicious and Enjoyable Again

It cannot be avoided to have leftover food at home, but the problem is that even when you reheat these meals, they still do not taste as good or as enjoyable as they were freshly cooked. With the Steam Dome™ however, you should be able to have leftover food that still tastes great. To use, all you need to do is to place the Steam Dome onto the plate of the leftover food that you want to heat. Once done, add water onto the hydro-reservoir and pop the leftover food along with the Steam Dome into the microwave, heat for a few minutes and enjoy your hot and juicy meal. The SteamDome not only allows the leftover food to heat quickly and thoroughly while inside the microwave; the product also infuses moisture back into the leftover food making it juicier and taste just like when it was just cooked. Aside from making leftovers juicier, reviews also love the fact that the Steam Dome can be used to enhance the flavor of leftover food as well. You can add a lemon or a special flavor sauce onto the hydro reservoir and the Steam Dome will infuse the food with the added flavor. With the Steam Dome, you will not have to throw away left over food ever again.

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