Step and Go - Great User Reviews for this Squat Toilet Stool Platform That Makes Bowel Movements Easy

Are you often suffering from constipation and straining during each bowel movement and resort to using laxatives in order to make bowel movements a lot easier for you? Your positioning during toilet time could be causing the problem, and this could be solved by using the Step and Go®, the revolutionary squat toilet stool that will make bowel movement a lot easier for you. The modern toilet bowl is designed in such a way that an individual can sit on it during the need to defecate. While this is definitely comfortable, it can also cause your intestines' passageway to narrow, making it difficult to pass stools. The Step and Go stool attaches on the toilet bowl, acting as a platform where your feet can comfortable rest on. This puts you in a squatting position, the natural position of the body for bowel movement. This removes the occurrence of your intestines' passageway narrowing, allowing for an easier bowel movement that requires less straining. Various reviews say that the step and go has helped them stop using laxatives, with some users reporting that the ease of movement that the Step and Go allows has freed them from the pain and discomfort that hemorrhoids can give. The Step and Go is a very helpful stool that will promote a healthy digestive system and will therefore improve overall health.

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