Step By Step - This Product Provides a Stable Base When You Need Help Reaching Those Too Tall Areas

Going in and out of a car or your bathtub or trying to reach a tall object may be mundane things but if you do use a platform that is unreliable in order to complete the task that you want to do can actually put you at risk for injury. If you are looking for a stable and reliable base to step on then Step By Step™ is a product that you will want to use. StepByStep provides a small incline that will allow you to easily higher objects or climb up a step in your door area for example with utmost ease. As seen on, aside from the extra vertical boost that the product can give, what's great about Step By Step is that it features a slip resistant surface that makes it ideal for use as a base when going onto and off of the bathtub or for entering and leaving your car on a rainy day. Step By Step also features durable, rust-free materials and can hold up to 440 pounds of weight so you are guaranteed that the Step By Step will be able to provide you the extra vertical lift, support and grip that you need in order to climb up or climb off of tall surfaces in a much easier and safer manner.

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