Step It Up - Reviews say this Product Lets Virtually Anybody to Get In or Out of Cars with Utmost Ease

Riding vehicles is a regular part of a lot of individual's daily lives but the problem is that if the person is already quite a bit old or has a number of aches and pains in the different parts of the body then doing so can actually be quite difficult. If you have this problem or if you know of someone who does, then the Step It Up™ is the product to get in order to solve this problem. The product is a specially designed tool that allows for an easy way to climb onto or off of a tall vehicle like an SUV or a pickup truck. As seen on, the StepItUp is really durable as when set up, it can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. Also, the product features rubber treads on the stepping surface which makes the product really secure to step on and prevents the user from slipping when using the product, further enhancing the product's reliability. The feature that a lot of reviews really love about the Step It Up however is that it can actually be folded flat. This means that the Step It Up can be loaded up into a car with ease, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere that extra height is needed.

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