Stick Shade - Compact and Easy to Use Sun Protection for Your Car

If there is one environment factor that can do a lot of damage to your car and to the passengers and parts inside, it is the heat of the sun. Sun shades can be very tricky to use however, so if you are looking for a product that protects the inside of your car from the intensity of the sun's rays that is easy to use then the Stick Shade™ is the product for you. The Stick Shade features a space age reflective material that effectively blocks the rays of the sun out of the interior of your car. Not only does this ensure optimum comfort for you and your passengers, but at the same time it also protects the interior parts of the car like the dashboard, seats and steering wheel from being damaged due to the intense heat that can build up inside the car when left out on a sunny day. StickShade also has suction cups that attach securely, yet can easily be removed once you will not be using the product. Also, Stick Shade contracts to a compact size of about only 1 inch in width, making the product very easy to store inside your car when not in use. Aside from acting as a heat reflector, the Stick Shade also works very well as a privacy tool for your car, as it acts like a one way mirror, preventing passers-by from looking into your car's cabin, lessening the occurrence of theft and break-ins into your vehicle.

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