StickO - The Best Portable Suction-Based Mobile Phone Mount that You Can Get Today

Almost everybody has a mobile phone or a smart phone nowadays and if you are one of these people and at the same time you do a lot of driving and need to use your phone frequently, then you may be unhappy with the bulky and unreliable car mounts that are available in the market today. If you are looking for a portable one that provides reliable grip to your phone while you are driving then the StickO™ is the perfect universal phone mount for you. Unlike regular phone mounts, what makes StickO so great is its compact size. This allows you to use the Stick O not only just as a car mount for your phone but also for other uses, like sticking your phone on the side of your laptop screen for quick use, or sticking your phone onto the glass windows of a mall or restaurant for a quick, hands-free selfie. Most car mounts available today lose their suction over time as well as on situations where temperatures inside the car can get quite high. StickO on the other hand is made out of UV protected, heat-proof materials. This allows StickO to maintain its strong suction no matter the change of temperatures inside your car. StickO also comes with a key holder and even a headphone jack. These accessories ensure that your StickO is always with your mobile device, ready when you need to use it.

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