Sticky Buddy - The Sticky Solution to Lint, Pet Fur, and Hair in Your Home and on Your Clothes

Clean up all sorts of hair and lint with the Sticky Buddy™. Whether it's your shedding pets, your daughter's locks, built up lint or even crumbs, the Sticky Buddy takes them all out with the power of glue, without the goo. Using the sticky buddy is as simple as rolling it across your clothes, couches, drapes and other cloth items that need cleaning. It even has a special brush, with teeth that help you coax out lint and hairs caught deep in carpets or coats. The Sticky Buddy is not to be confused with a lint roller because it is reusable and washable. When the Sticky Buddy is full, all you have to do is run water over it to remove the dirt. Then just roll it on a rag to clean it up and it will work as good as new. Anthony Sullivan wholly endorses the Sticky Buddy, because it truly does a wonderful job cleaning up all those lint, pet hairs, human hairs and bits of litter that clog up rugs and make clothing look horrible. In fact, he uses all three sizes of the Sticky Buddy, from the detail size which fits perfectly in a pocket, to the jumbo Sticky Buddy which can be used on floors, ceilings and curtains. Get a Sticky Buddy today and enjoy a hair free home, and lint free fashion.

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