Stompeez - Buy these FunFurry Stuffed Animal Slippers For Kids Of All Ages

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stompeez™!The Peek-a-Boo Kitties are laughing a heap! The Growlin' Dragons are chomping and neat! The Perky Puppies are flapping their ears! Be-Bop Bunny will have you laughing in tears!There are no slippers like Stompeez, the newest and most delightful children's slippers around! Stompeez are fun stuffed animal slippers for kids of all ages, that do more than just keep your feet safe and comfy.Each pair of Stompeez slippers comes with a special action that sets them apart from every other slipper out there. Sir One-Eyed Monster keeps an eye left and right. The Playful Puppy flaps his ears in delight. There's no end to the fun and cuteness of these slippers, and every child or child-at-heart will love stomping around in these animated adorable animal slippers. Stompeez come in a variety of sizes to fit all children, and will be darling playmates and guardians for your kids. You will fall in love with these quirky delights, perhaps even more than your kids, because you will find out just how happy your kids could be with their slippers with Stompeez.So go and make sure you get the latest and most fun trend in slippers for kids today, get your children their very own Stompeez!

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