Stone Wave Cooker - Cook Healthy and Delicious Food in Your Microwave

So you thought your microwave was just for cooking popcorn and heating processed food and leftovers? With the Stone Wave Cooker™, you can transform microwave cooking from simple heating and cooking of fat-filled and oily food to cooking delicious meals that are healthy, fast! The secret to this cookware's success is in its simple yet effective design. Made from sturdy ceramic material, the Stone Wave Cooker captures the heat produced inside the microwave. The cooker's steam release chimney, releases very little steam, ensuring that heat is re-circulated inside the cooker for maximum cooking efficiency. This feature also helps in locking in the food's flavor and nutrition, making your microwave cooked meals healthy and delicious at the same time. Cleanup is also a breeze! The Stone Wave Cooker features a non-stick surface on the inside, which greatly helps in reducing the hassle of cleaning. Simply wash with soap and water; no scrubbing needed! Various online reviews call the Stone Wave Cooker the best cookware you can add to your microwave! If you are always on the go, or just simply want to cook great tasting and healthy food without having to deal with the hassles of traditional cooking, then the Stone Wave Cooker is perfect for you!

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