StoneDine - The Toughest Non-stick Cookware for the Most Delicate Tastes

The ultimate in kitchen cookware is now here - the StoneDine™ cooking set. You have heard of non-stick, Teflon coated pots and pans, but if you have had any of those you will know that they easily get damaged with regular kitchen use, losing their non-stick qualities. But with StoneDine, the pan is merged with stone, allowing it to resist abrasion and endure the toughest cooking jobs and use without losing its non-stick properties. Like cooking on hot stone, StoneDine cookware allows you to cook without oils and butters, making your cooking healthier. Imagine frying bacon and eggs in a frypan without butter or oil, and then sliding them off the pan without anything sticking. The unique material also conducts heat faster, allowing you to cook your food with less gas or electricity. This fast conducting heat is distributed evenly over the pan with its magnetized steel plate, meaning no hot spots on the pan for nice even cooking - great for pancakes and omelettes! As seen on TV and in customer reviews, even melted cheese has got nothing on Stone Dine, sliding off with just a few nudges. So if you are tired of non-durable pots and pans that lose their non-stick quality quickly, try the StoneDine kitchen cookware set now. Eat healthier, being able to cook without oils or butter. Have restaurant quality food, with evenly cooked steaks or pancakes. Best of all, have kitchenware that lasts, with our tough as stone StoneDine pots and pans.

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