Strain 7 - This Multifunction Kitchen Tool Will Surely Make a Useful Addition to Your Kitchen

Cooking is already a complicated process which can be even more confusing and time consuming when you need to use different tools in order for you to prepare, strain, heat or serve your food. If you are looking for a product that will help to simplify the whole cooking or food preparation process, then Strain 7™ is the product that you should consider using. As seen on, the Strain 7 is a four-piece tool that can do the functions of a myriad of cooking and food preparation items. The Strain 7 can be used as a 2-piece strainer which can strain large or small containers. The Strain 7 can also be used as a microwave steamer. You simply need to add water to the Strain 7's bottom portion, place the food ingredients that you want to steam onto the middle section, place the lid and then heat up in the microwave to steam. The Strain 7 can also be used to microwave bacon and ensure that it comes up perfectly cooked, crispy and without the excess fat. All in all, the Strain 7 can do 7 functions that would have required you to use 7 different tools or utensils in the kitchen. Not only does the Strain 7 help to make food preparation a lot faster and more convenient to do but the product will also effectively help save space inside the kitchen.

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