Strap Hanger - This Closet Accessory Makes Storing and Organizing Your Tank Tops and Camisoles Very Easy

Storing tank tops, camisoles and spaghetti strapped clothing can be quite difficult as they tend to fall off their hangers. If you are looking for a product that will make storing the aforementioned pieces of clothing much easier then the Strap Hanger™ is the product for you. This hanger is specially designed with the above mentioned clothing in mind. The hanger will allow you to hang 6 tops off of one hanger for maximum space savings. Also, the 12 hooks of the Strap Hanger will allow you to hand your camisoles and tank tops alternately, which will make it very easy for you to see and pick out which top you will want to use when you go out. The Strap Hanger also features a flocked material that provides enough grip to prevent even the smoothest fabrics from sliding off. With a StrapHanger or two in your closet, it should be very easy for you to store your strapped clothing while at the same time saving a lot of space and clutter inside your closet. As seen on, the Strap Hanger also has the added benefit of preventing your tops from getting wrinkled, ensuring that your tops look neat and clean when used, even when stored on the Strap Hanger for an extended time.

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