Straptastic - Keep the Straps of Your Bag or Purse Stable on Your Shoulders with this Product

Women love bringing along handbags or purses when they go out either for functional reasons, for aesthetic enhancement or a little bit of both. Regardless of the reason for using handbags and the like, it cannot be denied that when you sling the straps onto your shoulders, they tend to slip which can be an inconvenience so if you are looking for a product that will keep the straps stable on your shoulders then the Straptastic™ is the product for you. To use, all you need to do is to stick the Straptastic strips under the straps of your bag; on the sides that make contact with your body. As seen on, the strong, hypoallergenic and tear resistant silicone material of the Straptastic helps to keep the strap in place while on your shoulders or arms, preventing the straps from slipping and can minimize a lot of hassle. Along with its great function, the Straptastic is also safe for contact on your skin, and can also easily work with smooth fabric and materials like leather, vinyl and the like without causing damage to your clothing. So if you go out and you use your handbag a lot then the Straptastic will surely be a great accessory to your favourite handbags or purses.

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