Stream Clean - Instant Cleanup and Removal Of Pet Stains And Other Dirt From Carpets

Cleaning up that pet stain or dirty carpet can be quite the chore. Getting down and dirty with the carpet is not something anybody relishes. But with Stream Clean™, those days are a thing of the past. Now all you have to do to remove urine or other unwanted stains from carpets is point, stream and see the clean. A can of Stream Clean cleaner shoots cleaning enzymes into your carpet. Each treatment can break down a pet stain in mere seconds, dissolving the dirt and creating an easy cleanup scenario that takes way less time than having to get down on your knees to scrub the rug clean. The removal of dirt is so fast, you won't want to use any other remover. Remember: Point, Stream and Clean. It's that simple. The advanced enzymes do all the work of breaking down that gunky dirt and removal of odors. All you have to do is sop up the suds, and you will have lifted away all that unwanted things from your carpet. It's truly amazing, it will even remove tough wine stains, food stains and set in odors with just a simple point, stream and clean. You don't want to be harboring all those ugly stains and stinky odors in your home. You should get yourself Stream Clean today! Try the Official Stream Clean™ for Yourself for Only $10 with a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Special and Get Mini Blacklight as a FREE Bonus!

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