Stretch and Fresh - Reviews Say This Amazing Product Keeps Food Fresh and Sealed

Do you always have left over food and find it hard to keep them sealed and fresh for longer periods of time? Sure you can use cling wraps and vacuum bags, but they are no always effective at keeping food sealed, and you may have to throw them away after use, but not the Stretch and Fresh™. This product keeps food in different containers sealed tight, locking in freshness and flavor, while at the same time making the food last longer. What gives the Stretch and Fresh its amazing properties is the durable and stretchable silicone material that it is made from. It can conform to virtually any shape of a food container, and you can stretch it to fit much bigger containers with ease. It also comes in different sizes in order for it to fit virtually any food container you may have. To use, all you need to do is to stretch the Stretch and fetch, apply it to the edges of the food container to make it grip, and then press in the middle to expel out air that may be trapped inside. This transforms your food container into an air and liquid tight container that will keep freshness in and keep air and other contaminants out. After use, simply peel of the Stretch and Fresh and it is ready to use again. Reviews love the fact that Stretch and Fresh is very versatile and reusable, allowing them to save a lot of money, in terms of keeping food fresh for much longer, as well as negating the need to continuously buy wraps and bags.

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