Stretch Genie - The Solution for Tight or Narrow Shoes

If you have shoes that are too tight or too narrow, if your feet are getting chafed or injured because of ill fitting footwear, if you are getting corns or calluses that are unseemly and unattractive, then you probably need Stretch Genie™. For men or for women, stretch genie can change the way your shoes fit you. Using Stretch Genie is as simple as spraying the offending piece of footwear with Stretch Genie spray. This causes the material of the shoes to become more pliable, allowing it to stretch to fit your foot. The best thing is, the more you use Stretch Genie, the more your shoes adjust to your foot. Imagine if you could always take advantage of sales and bargains because you know you could adjust the width of any shoe you pick up. Feel the comfort of a perfectly fitting shoe, and never have to worry about chaffing and injury. That's the benefit you get from Stretch Genie. Stretch Genie even comes with special Stretch Genie expanders, which you can place in your shoes to make them expand over night. Whether the tightness is in the toes, heels, or instep of the shoe, Stretch Genie can solve it for you. Order some today.

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