Stuffies - Buy the Stuffed Animal with Hidden Pockets and Get a Storybook and a Mystery Gift!

Stuffies™ are cute and cuddle stuffed animals that contain secrets pockets so that your kids can store all their favorite "stuff" inside. You may have heard about this product from the TV commercial with the song "Stuffies - It's what's inside that counts" or the riddle, "How much stuff can you stuff in a Stuffie till your Stuffe's stuffed enough stuff?" Parent are forever complaining about their kids (especially toddlers) leaving things all over the floor and everywhere in the house instead of putting those things back where they belong. But with Stuffies your children will be encouraged to put things away in one of the many hidden pockets. In fact there are seven of these pockets in every one of the Stuffies animals, and each pocket zips up to keep the hidden items safe and secure. The adorable animals available include: Bravo the bear; Dash the horse; Sky the giraffe; Stomper the dinosaur; Gracie the hippo; Digger the dog; Bizzy the bee; Scout the monkey; Muddzie the pig; Shuffle the turtle; and Prancine the unicorn. Each of these Stuffies comes with its own storybook that tells kids about the personality of their particular animal. Also, every one comes with a "mystery gift" hidden inside! Your kids will have fun using their Stuffies to hide toys, candy, money, crayons, and so much more!

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