StufZ - The Ultimate Hamburger Press that Easily Creates Stuffed Burgers; The Usual Burger Maker Just Can't Do That!

If you love to eat hamburgers then chances are you might have heard of or tasted a stuffed burger, a new and very delicious twist to making burgers. If you are looking for a burger maker that will allow you to make your own stuffed burgers without the hassle or mess that it usually takes then StufZ™ is perfect for you. Making a stuffed burger by hand is quite difficult as it can get messy having to cram various ingredients inside a meat patty, and perfectly sealing the patty can be quite tricky too. The StufZ hamburger press is the best solution and is very easy to use. All you need to do is put some ground meat on the StufZ and press on the lid. This gives you a compact patty base with a lot of space in the middle. Next, simply put your desired stuffing in the patty base, and then put some more ground meat on top and press the lid another time and you will get a perfectly sealed patty with all the stuffed goodness inside. With StufZ, creating the ultimate and most delicious stuffed burger for your family and friends to enjoy is doable in just a few easy steps.

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