Style Screamer - The Personal Safety Alarm Device Designed for Women

If you have been watching the news, then you might have noticed the increasing number of attacks, thefts and robbery cases that have been done to various individuals regardless of place and time. If you are concerned for your safety and you are looking for a personal safety device that you can use in case of an emergency, then the Style Screamer™ is the perfect product for you. It is a specially designed safety device for women that is discreet and stylish, yet can make a difference for your safety. Upon first glance, the Style Screamer looks just like a regular accessory that women use. If in case you feel threatened in any way or are actually attacked by an individual or a wild animal for instance, all you need to do is to pull on the Style Screamer's tassel and it immediately emits a high pitched, 130 decibel screaming sound that will definitely attract attention from people around, which can increase the chances of you getting help. In fact, the sound that the StyleScreamer emits is much louder that most car alarms, and will surely catch anyone's attention. Not only can it be used as a call for help, but the Style Screamer's sound can also startle your attacker, catching them off guard and potentially breaking off the attack. When you already feel safe, simply reattach the Style Screamer's tassel and the sound will stop right away.

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