Super Cooler - Easily Cool Your Bottled Beverages Below Zero with this Product

A lot of bottled beverages are best served cold, but the problem is that using ice on the drink can dilute its flavor and that conventional coolers may not provide a lasting cooling effect onto your beverage. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily have cold drinks without compromising its flavor or without taking too long, then Super Cooler™ is the product that you should use. As seen on, all that you need to do is to place some of the ice Accelerator solution into the SuperCooler Chill Chamber, place your bottled drink inside and then seal it up. In just minutes, you can now pull out your bottled drink and you will see that it has been super cooled to below zero temperatures. What's great about this is that not only does the Super Cool allow you to cool down drinks extremely fast, but this is achieved without having to use ice cubes onto the drink. This will preserve its flavor and still make it extremely delicious to consume. Super Cooler can be used indoors yet at the same time is compact enough for outdoor use so if you are just chilling around at home or on the go and want to enjoy a refreshing and cold beverage then Super Cooler is the product that you should get.

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