Super Nova Lantern - Buy the LED Lamp That is Best for Camping, Power Outages or for any Lighting Needs at Home

Do you often go out on camping trips and find it difficult to get proper light, or you always experience power outages at home and conventional flashlights just do not seem to work well? You can say goodbye to those flashlights and other lighting tools that you have and buy the Super Nova Lantern™ instead. It is a revolutionary portable lighting system that will make it very easy for you to have bright and adequate illumination wherever you need it. As seen on, the SuperNova Lantern contains over 70 powerful LEDs that give off intense light without getting hot and consuming a lot of power. These LEDs are encased in a rugged design that is not only easy to handle, but is also impact and water resistant. This makes the lantern perfect for outdoor camping trips where lighting can be quite difficult to have. Built into each SuperNova Lantern are 2 handheld torchlights that you can easily detach when you need spot illumination. This makes the Super Nova Lantern a great utility light for whenever you need portable lighting at home, at the office or wherever you may be. Its batteries last for over 30 hours on a single charge, so the Super Nova Lamp will surely not let you down whenever you need it.

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