Sure Clip - The Nail Clipper With a Rubberized Grip That Goes Easy on Toes and Keeps Clipping on Track

The Sure Clip™ is a nail clipper that makes cutting your nails a much easier task than you ever expected it could be. With the Sure Clip you need not cut and tear your hand or toe nails. No more struggling to see what you are clipping, and no picking up nail clippings when you are done. Indeed, the Sure Clip has many good features including a rubberized, non-slip grip for firmer control. Also, the Sure Clip has professional quality stainless steel blades-that are-guaranteed to give you a clean and precise cut every time. A test showed that the Sure Clip blades were so strong that they could cut a layer of five nail clips at one time. Plus there is an extra wide opening that makes nail cutting much easier to do every single time. The magnifying glass of the Sure Clip makes it easy on the eyes, as items appear three times their original size. The Sure Clip is handy for anyone, even for people with arthritis and stiff hands. And for neat freaks, the Sure Clip has a nail clip catch that contains loose clippings. By pulling a clip, the clippings will empty into the trash. Indeed, everything stays on track when cutting nails with Sure Clip.

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