Sweep Rake - Combine the Functionality of Both a Broom and a Rake with this Single Tool

It can be quite annoying that you will need to use two different tools like the rake and the broom when they practically share the same function, only that one tool works better on certain types of debris than the other. If you are looking for a product that will combine both functions and will minimize the hassles when you need to use said functions, then the Sweep Rake™ is the product that you should get. As seen on www.buysweeprake.com, what's great about the SweepRake is that it features special, uniquely curved and rigid bristles. These bristles are strong enough that they are able to effectively grab hold of large debris like you would expect from a rake. Also, these bristles of the Sweep Rake feature a dual layer design which makes it effective at working on dust and sand just like a broom does. With the Sweep Rake, you do not need to switch through two different tools which should help to minimize the hassle and save you a lot of time when you do your cleaning work. Also, what's great about the Sweep Rake is that it works well on smooth floors, grass, brick and a wide variety of surfaces which makes the Sweep Rake a truly versatile cleaning tool to have.

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