Swirly Clip - The Thickest Hair is Clipped in Place With This All Occasion Clip That Functions Like Hair Jewelry

The Swirly Clip™ is the perfect solution for all types of hair-thick or thin, long or short, the Swirly Clip comfortably keeps you hair in place without leaving creases or dents. Even better, the swirly, spiral shape of the clip is easy to use--simply slide and close, and even the thickest hair stays comfortably in place. This is because the spiral design of the Swirly Clip allows it to conform to the particular thickness of your hair, and keeps it snug and secure. This practical, useful clip is also very beautiful to look at. The Swirly Clip is covered in 24 k gold, and works like jewelry for your hair. It is great by the pool, working out at the gym, or worn at the office. Then at night you can just let your hair down for a night on the town, or hold your hair up for formal occasions. Other clips like the claw clip are bulky and uncomfortable when leaning back in your car. But the Swirly Clip is so comfortable and lean, that you can even sleep in it. Children will love the Swirly Clip too. So whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, you can always count on the Swirly Clip to keep it in.

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