Swivel Sweeper Max - Battery Charger Gives 45 Minutes of Cleaning with a Stronger Pole than the Cordless G2

The bestselling Swivel Sweeper G2 revolutionized how people keep their floors clean. Now the Swivel Sweeper Max™ takes this technology to the next level. So often long and stringy debris such as hair, twine, and dental floss gum up sweepers and vacuums. One those things get embedded they are very hard to remove. But the Swivel Sweeper Max feature " RCR technology" which mean removable, cleanable, reusable bristles. So now you can easily strip off the dirt the bogs down other sweepers. The cordless Swivel Sweeper Max features a stronger sturdier pole for greater control. It uses sliders, not wheels, which means it can move in any direction and swivels a full 360 degrees. This allows the Swivel Sweeper Max to fits into places that other products can't, such as under furniture and up against baseboards. The Quad Brush Technology lets it pick up dirt on all four sides and the brushes spin at 4000 rpm for effective cleaning performance. The removable, rechargeable battery provides a full 45 minutes of cleaning power with just a single charge. Lighter than a vacuum, the versatile Swivel Sweeper Max is not just for rugs and carpets either. You can use it to quickly pick messes on the tile and wood floors in your kitchen or bathroom as well. And cleaning the Swivel Sweeper Max is just as easy as using it, because the touchless dirt tray empties with just a single click.

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