Tac Bat - A Powerful and Functional Tactical Flashlight That Is Also a Self-Defense Tool

The flashlight is one utility tool that you will want to make sure to have in your home, in your car or if possible bring along with you. If you are looking for a flashlight that will be able to provide powerful light and is as reliable as possible then the Tac Bat™ is the flashlight for you to get. As seen on www.trytacbat.com, the TacBat features powerful LED lights that makes it 22 times brighter that conventional flashlights. Not only does this allows the Tac Bat to produce a wide and powerful beam of light, but the light that this flashlight produces can also be seen up to 4 nautical miles away. The Tac Bat does not stop there though. The product is made out of military-grade aluminum alloy which makes it truly heavy-duty and durable. The product is weather resistant and can even work when frozen under water so this product is definitely great for outdoor use. Also, thanks to this construction, the Tac Bat can actually be used as a self-defense tool. This flashlight also features a tactical strobe feature which can help to deter or even stun attackers or intruders to your home. With all these features, the Tac Bat is without a doubt one of the best flashlights that you can get in the market today.

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