Target Team Flyer - Reviews say this Product Lets You to Have a lot of Fun Playing with Gliders

If you and your friends are looking for toys to enjoy and you want to have something that flies, then the Target Team Flyer™ is what you will want to get. As seen on, the Target Team Flyer features a glider that has a 28-inch wingspan. This relatively wide wing span of the Target Team Flyer allows it to glide over long distances which you as well as your friends will surely find to be quite amazing. Also, what's great about the Target Team Flyer is that it features a time release bay which you can load up with drop team members. What you and your friends can do then is to set a target area on the ground and then try to compete as to who among you will be able to drop the glider's payload the closest. Then, ready the glider, load it up with drop team members and then set the timer and throw the Target Team Flyer in order for it to glide. Once the time that you have set is up, the Target Team Flyer's bay will automatically open, dropping the drop team member that you have loaded. With this kit, reviews say that not only will you be able to have a lot of fun having and watching the glider glide on the air, but the timed drop feature of the Target Team Flyer will also allow you to learn about speed, air resistance, timing and many more pieces of knowledge that you might find to be very useful in the future.

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