Teeter Hang Ups - An Inversion Table That Helps In Spine Decompression to Provide Relief for Back Pain

Inversion therapy helps alleviate back pain and spinal issues by decompression of the spine. This allows the discs in your spinal column to be rehydrated, which is necessary for them to healthily function. For the best effect, you need an inversion table, which is a machine that locks your ankles so that you can hang at an angle, or even almost upside down in order to use your bodyweight in creating decompression. The best inversion tables are made by Roger Teeter, inventor of the Teeter Hang Ups®. Teeter Hang Ups are top quality inversion tables built to last a lifetime. They are designed for strength, durability and safety of use. You will find that alleviating your back pain in your very own home is a comforting and relaxing experience with the Teeter Hang Ups. Instructional material is also available from Teeter is that will help you work your way through increasing angles of inversion (the recommended starting point is not upside down, but around 30-40 degrees) that will give you increasing amount of relief and improvement. As seen on TV, Teeter Hang Ups will relieve your back pain and more than that will improve your quality of life. Get to do all the things you used to do before back pain started holding your back. Get yourself a Teeter Hang Up inversion table today and hang your way to a healthier back.

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